Here is where you can study for your State Exam. If you need help with real esate math, we have Math Made Easy Videos. You can also study for your State Exam with our Smart Pill Q&A. For those who just like to listen, the Exam Prep Videos are a very good choice. The Exam Prep Videos follow the Florida Real Estate Exam Prep Manual 42nd edition. We also have the exam prep bundle at the bottom. Login for all the exam prep except for the qbank is at the top of the website “My Account” The Qbank is accessed through your recampus coures login.


Smart Pill Exam Prep

Get Smart with our New “Smart Pill” real estate exam prep for sales associates. 1000 Questions & Answers to help you pass your state exam.


Math Made Easy Videos

Math Made Easy Videos help you understand how to work the math questions you will encounter on the state exam.


State Exam Prep Videos

The state exam prep videos consist of absolute statements to help prepare you for your state exam.

Real Estate Drill and Practice Qbank for Sales Associates

QBank for Sales Associates

The Florida Real Estate Sales Associate Drill and Practice QBank is one of the best online real estate exam prep tools available. 500 Questions & Answers

Real Estate Drill and Practice Qbank for Brokers

QBank for Brokers

The Florida Real Estate Broker Drill and Practice QBank is one of the best online real estate exam prep tools available.


63 Hour Pre Sales Videos

Now you can refresh what you learned in the classroom or online with our pre-sales videos. Practice questions are also included.

Florida Sales Associate Prelicensing Key Point Review Audio MP3

Sales Associate Review Audio

Over two hours of enhanced hands-free review covering the key points of Florida Real Estate Principles, Practices & Law in MP3 format.

Mutual Recognition Videos

Mutual Recognition Videos

This course is designed to prepare students for the 40 question Laws and Rules Exam administered by the state of Florida.


Test Taking Tips & Strategies

Paul Jenson narrates for you some test taking tips and strategies that you might find helpful when taking your Florida State Exam.


Sales Associate Flashcards

Test Your knowledge of definitions of 500 real estate terms with our digital online flashcards.


Super Pack Bundle Only $149

Everything you could possibly need in a variety of learning platforms to study for your State Exam! Includes “Smart Pill” Exam Prep, Math Made Easy Videos, State Exam Prep Videos, and Sales Associate Flashcards.

What Is The QBank?

The Florida Real Estate Sales Associate Drill and Practice QBank is one of the best and most powerful online real estate exam prep tools available. The Qbank allows you to customize quizzes focused on specific topics and subtopics as well as simulate a 100 question state exam. You can also pinpoint problem areas with the Performance Tracker and see how you stack up against other students in Florida. The QBank contains hundreds of questions on national and Florida-specific topics and subtopics.

Why Do I Need The Qbank Exam Prep For Sales Associates?

Our pre-license course was developed with you and your goals in mind—to pass the state exam on your first attempt. The state exam is not easy and it will take hard work to pass. The good news is this material has proven to assist our students in preparing for and passing the state exam. When you feel like you need more, the Qbank is one of the best tools available to build your knowledge and lift your confidence to take the state exam. In some cases, students take a long time to complete their course and they forget what they learned. It is critical to your success to brush up on the important points for the Florida State Exam. It is very important to take the state exam within a few days of completing this prep course.

Your retention of the material drops dramatically after just a few days. You should not take this prep course before successfully completing your Sales Associate Pre-License course. Before you can schedule to take the state exam, you must submit an application and get approved by the state of Florida. If you have not yet submitted your completed application packet and fingerprints to the state, please do so immediately! We highly recommend the Qbank for Sales Associates. It is up-to-date and simulates questions that you will have on your state exam.

Can The Qbank be Downloaded?

The Qbank is not downloadable and can only be accessed online. You access it through the same portal you log in to the online courses. You can access the Qbank on any most any device that you can get the internet on but you will have to have an internet connection.

How will I Know When I am Ready To Take The State Exam?

When you have mastered in the mid to high 90% on all the exams in the Qbank, you should be prepared to take the state exam. There are about 500 questions in the topics that you will be tested for on your state exam. The Qbank is accessed online and will remain active for one year from the date of purchase.

How Many Times Can I Take The State Exam?

You can take the Florida State Exam as many times as you want up until your approval from the state expires. Your approval like your course completion certificate is good for two years. If you fail the State Exam, you can not reschedule to retake it the same day.

What can I do if I fail the State Exam?

If you fail the State Exam, the best thing to do is call Pearson Vue and schedule to review what you missed. You have to pay a fee of around $60 but it is worth it. You will set up an appointment time and they will give you one hour to study over your exam and everything you missed. This is some of the best advice you can take advantage of. In most cases, you will see some of the very same questions that you had on your first exam.

Easing Test Anxiety

All students—even the best ones—experience anxiety about taking exams. Surprisingly, test experts indicate that a little dose of test anxiety is healthy—it can keep the student focused and sharp. However, too much test anxiety will have a debilitating effect on test performance. So, what should real estate students do? First, they must refine their test-taking skills; second, they must review the material that is likely to be test-worthy. Students who prepare for the state exam will be more confident with much less anxiety.

See Test Taking Tips & Strategies Video

Florida Sales Associate Prelicensing Key Point Review Audio MP3

Mp3 player not included.

Florida Sales Associate Prelicensing Key Point Review Audio MP3

Available in MP3 format, this title provides over two hours of enhanced hands-free review covering the key points of Florida Real Estate Principles, Practices & Law. The narrator emphasizes key terms, presents concepts, and references the text, reinforcing classroom lessons and preparing you for the licensing exam. Searchable tracks allow you to go directly to specific unit topics. Note: It is required that you download the MP3 files to a computer before transferring to a tablet or listening device.

Specific Info related to MP3 products: Download Instructions You must first download the zip file of MP3 tracks to your computer. The individual tracks need to be extracted from the zip file and saved to your computer before being transferred to your tablet or listening device. You may also listen to the tracks directly from your computer.